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Salsa System

Salsa is essentially just a mash up of your favourite vegetal/fruity…

Videos: How to Make a Healthy Maple Balsamic Elixir

Try maple balsamic elixir on beautiful Ontario farm-fresh fruits…

Vinaigrette System and Salads-As-A-Meal

Vinaigrette is essentially a mixture of an oil and a sour with…
Ontario turkey carving tips with photos

Turkey Carving Tips You Simply Must Know

On behalf of the Turkey Farmers of Ontario, Tree House Kitchen…
Accurately chopped vegetables and washed and chopped fresh herbs.

Behind-the-Scenes of Tree House Kitchen Cooking Classes

Tree House Kitchen is truly a teaching kitchen! Chef Nancy's…
Palena and Teresa are tying whole cloves in cheesecloth to infuse their essence into the simmering soup.

Hands-On Soups Cooking Skills – Making the Perfect Soup

On Saturday, January 23, students joined us in Tree House Kitchen…
Chef Nancy Henley working with mentor Erin Huston who is an eating disorder awareness and body positivity advocate.

Exploring Nourishing Eating With a Group of Young Girls and Their Mentors

We had such a great time exploring the joys of nourishing eating…
Serve your best turkey dinner ever.

Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner Serving Survival Notes

These reminders and tips will help you serve your best Christmas…
A mouthwatering BBQ meal you can cook yourself.

Barbecue Grilling Guide

There is a lot of outdoor cooking time left in the eastern Canadian…
Ingredients for delicious stuffing, such as spices, herbs, onions, vegetables and bread.

Tree House Kitchen Systems: Special Occasion Stuffing

Add some flare to your roasted poultry, game birds or red meat…