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Vinaigrette System and Salads-As-A-Meal

Vinaigrette is essentially a mixture of an oil and a sour with…
Our favourite kale chips are homemade.

Much Ado About Kale

We can almost hear the collective eyeroll that just happened…
Chef Nancy Henley working with mentor Erin Huston who is an eating disorder awareness and body positivity advocate.

Exploring Nourishing Eating With a Group of Young Girls and Their Mentors

We had such a great time exploring the joys of nourishing eating…
Chef Nancy taught families from Hamilton’s Canadian Martyrs School to create homemade salsa, homemade tortillas and roasted veggie stacks.

Committed to Healthy Families and Teaching Kids That Cooking is Fun

At the end of May, families from Hamilton’s Canadian Martyrs…
Minestrone soup and biscuits by Chef Nancy Henley.

Make the leap: From tentative to talented cooking!

I feel it is a small leap from tentative to talented cooking.…