Palena and Teresa are tying whole cloves in cheesecloth to infuse their essence into the simmering soup.

Hands-On Soups Cooking Skills—Making the Perfect Soup

One cool Saturday in January, students joined us in…
Chef Nancy Henley working with mentor Erin Huston who is an eating disorder awareness and body positivity advocate.

Exploring Nourishing Eating in a S.H.E. Cooking Class of Young Girls and Their Mentors

Above, I’m working with mentor Erin Huston, an eating disorder…
Edible foams created with arugula, watermelon and soy lecithin.

A Typical (and Atypical!) Culinary Taste Testing Week in Tree House Kitchen

Another week of recipe taste-testing in Tree House Kitchen…
The preparation of sauces in Tree House Kitchen – Artist Eric Ranveau.

Supporting the Community by Improving Food Literacy and Sharing Food Inspiration

"The Preparation of Sauces" by artist Eric Ranveau, captured…
Wild leeks foraged from local Ontario land.

Spring Foraging for Wild Leeks

New beginnings and the uniqueness of Ontario forests…
Wooden bee nests you can build.

Making a Bees Nest: The Pollinating Power of Native Canadian Bees

Pollinating native Canadian bees fill your belly and…
Six stages of cooked roux.

New Orleans Cuisine: Learning About Culture Through Food

The origin of the word “restaurant” is French and…
A variety of market mushrooms including a fantastic Ontario abalone mushroom.

Cooking Mushrooms and Locally Sourcing this Amazing Superfood

Sweet wood, fresh grass, sea spray, fresh bread, new…
Tender and fresh garlic scapes.

Exploring and Cooking Garlic Scapes

Working with local garlic scapes is a great way to experiment…