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Vegetables prepped and chopped, ready to make a delicious meal.

Why are Kitchen Knife Skills so Necessary?

Proper kitchen knife skills help fuel your body and…

Maple Balsamic Elixir Recipe for Flavourful, Healthy Nutrients—Watch These Videos!

Try this maple balsamic elixir on beautiful Ontario…
Palena and Teresa are tying whole cloves in cheesecloth to infuse their essence into the simmering soup.

Hands-On Soups Cooking Skills—Making the Perfect Soup

One cool Saturday in January, students joined us in…
The preparation of sauces in Tree House Kitchen – Artist Eric Ranveau.

Supporting the Community by Improving Food Literacy and Sharing Food Inspiration

"The Preparation of Sauces" by artist Eric Ranveau, captured…
A girl and her brother taste the meal they are preparing.

Family Fun: Cooking as a Family

Cooking as a family creates unforgettable memories. Make…
Sustainable fish in black cod lemon grass sauce.

Cooking Tips for Sustainable Fish

Cooking with sustainable fish results in delicious meals…
Tender and fresh garlic scapes.

Exploring and Cooking Garlic Scapes

Working with local garlic scapes is a great way to experiment…