Cooking the Perfect Turkey for Special Occasions—Tips & Resources

Close-up of a roasted turkey garnished with berries and sprigs of herbs beside a pot of cranberry sauce.

Do you know how to cook the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving and Christmas? Our biggest tip for the holiday season is to PLAN AHEAD.

It is possible to reduce last-minute tension by preparing ingredients ahead of time. I show you how in my Special Occasion Resources quick guide.

In one handy place, I share my comprehensive list of organization tips and fresh recipe ideas that are fantastic for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. You’ll discover:

  • To-the-point turkey roasting tips from years of experience, a turkey spice rub and delicious turkey gravy tips. Make some items ahead of time! (Full document is included in my Special Occasion Resources quick guide)
  • Farm-fresh green beans, lemon zest and wild mushroom sauté. Make it the day before! (Available on our Facebook page)
  • Fresh cranberry sauce with cinnamon and oranges. Make it the week before! (Available on our Facebook page)
  • Knife sharpening and carving tips. Sharpen that knife now!
  • Delish and make-it-special stuffing. Make it weeks ahead!
  • Turkey dinner survival notes. Read this now!
  • Savoury, crisp and tender vegetable cooking lesson, vegetable sauté and couldn’t-be-easier fresh fruit sorbets. Request it now!
  • Useable tips and in-depth lessons to help you have your best food experiences. Subscribe now!

We love to inspire people to efficiently create amazing special occasion meals and more enjoyable home entertaining experiences. We demonstrated these tips at many of our sold-out cooking classes*, including Nourishing Knife Skills; Global Appetizers and Amuse-Bouche, Tapas and Small Tastes—Winter Season Style; and A Winter Evening—French Style. I demonstrated some of these recipes and tips LIVE on CHCH Morning Live with Lori DeAngelis.

Click here to get all the tips and quick links now in my Special Occasion Resources quick guide!

After cooking the perfect turkey, the roasted bird is placed on the counter.

*Update: We’re so proud of the work we’ve done in our hands-on teaching and dinner party classes. Working with you, our clients has played such an important part in the new direction of Tree House Kitchen as a food literacy company, specializing in problem-solving skills and resources for busy families and community-members, like you! We hope you enjoy reading about our past classes, and also where we’re headed moving forward.

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