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Chinese Hot Pot soup stewed with a colourful, eclectic mix of Asian spices, vegetables, noodles and broth.

10 Instructive Steps to Making Soup Soul-Filling—Every Time! 

Simmer your own simple stock Use fresh and fantastic…

How to Chop Garlic and Make a Garlic Vinaigrette—Watch These Videos!

Learn how to chop garlic! Watch a budding chef demonstrate…

Dazzle Up That Dull Burger—Burger Recipe System—Watch This Video!

There are so many ways to make a dull burger delicious…

One-of-a-Kind Salsa Your Way—Salsa Recipe System

Salsa is essentially a mash-up of your favourite vegetables,…

Curate Mouth-Watering Salads—Vinaigrette & Salads-As-A-Meal Recipe System

A vinaigrette is a mixture of an oil and a sour paired…
Kale and apple slaw

Kale and Apple Slaw Recipe

Can you tell we are excited about kale these…
A colourful and mouthwatering stuffing, great for turkey dinners.

The Amazing No-Stress Holiday Dinner

The key to achieving kitchen bliss over the busy holidays…
Accurately chopped vegetables and washed and chopped fresh herbs.

Behind-the-Scenes of Tree House Kitchen, the Teaching Kitchen

Tree House Kitchen is truly a teaching kitchen! My philosophy…
Chef Nancy taught families from Hamilton’s Canadian Martyrs School to create homemade salsa, homemade tortillas and roasted veggie stacks.

Committed to Healthy Families and Teaching Kids That Cooking is Fun

Families from Hamilton’s Canadian Martyrs School created…
Serve your best turkey dinner ever.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Serving Guide

Thinking about hosting the family next holiday season? These…