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10 Special Occasion Entertaining Tips You Need to Know 

I love the Indian Sanskrit verse Atithi Devo Bhavah, which means “consider the guest as God” or “guest become God.” This part of a larger Hindu scripture explains a code of conduct in which your guest is the top priority. Rituals honour the guest, and the guest (God), in turn, rewards the provider of the […]

How Can I Never Overcook or Undercook Food? 

Our top 10 tips to never overcook or undercook food and ensure a more satisfying experience in the kitchen. Less stress. More creativity. More fun. Maybe you want to cook more. Maybe you want to cook less. Whatever you cook, these cooking tips, tricks and practical ideas will help.  These tips come from our central […]

Why I Love Teaching Cooking 

In my younger years, I spent some time whooshing down the slippery slope of emotional eating. Luckily, a few great meals in Paris changed that mindset. A week after that trip to France, I signed up for chef school, beginning a beloved second career. Since then, I’ve exchanged emotional eating for emotional cooking, which is […]

10 Instructive Steps to Making Soup Soul-Filling—Every Time! 

I’ve “boiled down” my essential 10 steps to making soup super and soul-filling—every time!  Here are some ideas and concepts to play around with while making soups:  Nancy’s Soup System 1. Simmer your own simple stock For cooks and chefs all over the world, stock is the magical base for making soup that fills your […]

How to Chop Garlic and Make a Garlic Vinaigrette—Watch These Videos!

Learn how to chop garlic! Watch a budding chef demonstrate a fast, safe technique to chop garlic and make a garlic vinaigrette for salads, side dishes and marinades. Plus, discover planting tips for growing garlic at home. After visiting Ballantrae Garlic Farm, 14-year-old Tom was inspired to learn more about cooking with garlic. So, Tom […]

One-of-a-Kind Salsa Your Way—Salsa Recipe System

Salsa is essentially a mash-up of your favourite vegetables, fruits and spicy flavours. It’s easy to make—especially with our salsa recipe system—and you can use it to brighten a multitude of meals! Explore your local market for fresh, interesting and inspiring produce to use in your salsa dishes. Make seasonal salsa by following your sense […]

Why are Kitchen Knife Skills so Necessary?

Proper kitchen knife skills help fuel your body and make your cooking experience fun, fast, flavourful and safer! The truth is we need to nourish our bodies with a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the reality is that it can be time-consuming to prepare them. Let me make it easier for you […]