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Video: Dazzle up that dull burger!

There are so many ways to make a dull burger delicious and nutritious! Mash it up with different meats. Make it special with garlic, herbs and spices. Or, you can dazzle with delicious dips and drizzles. Free yourself from the need to follow recipes by flexing things up with farm- and garden-fresh ingredients. We are […]

Salsa System

Salsa is essentially just a mash up of your favourite vegetal/fruity and spicy flavours. Easy! Explore the market for fresh, interesting and inspiring produce. Make your own seasonal favourite salsas using your sense of taste to create nourishing snacks and sauces to brighten multitudes of meals! Follow this creative salsa system (click here for the recipe) […]

Why are kitchen knife skills so necessary?

Proper kitchen knife skills help fuel your body and make your cooking experience fun, fast, flavourful and safer! The truth is we need to nourish our bodies with a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and the reality is that it can be time consuming to prepare them. Let me make it easier for […]

Videos: How to Make a Healthy Maple Balsamic Elixir

Try maple balsamic elixir on beautiful Ontario farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. It is easy to make, and the taste sensations are a party in your mouth! Balanced with whole grains, dark leafy greens and local cheese, it’s a flavourful way to gain healthy nutrients. Farmers/producers rely on a complex balance of nature, nurture and infinite patience […]

Vinaigrette System and Salads-As-A-Meal

Vinaigrette is essentially a mixture of an oil and a sour with lively seasonings and blending ingredients. Easy! It is fast and fun for adults and kids alike to play with flavours, asserting their food artistry. Think of composing easy salad meals as an ever-changing plate of mixed food groups celebrating sunshine and the earth’s […]

Explore, Grow, Nourish, Connect with Tree House Kitchen – Video Included

January 2018 Much like the end of summer and the changes that come with fall, there is always a flurry of growth and renewal happening at Tree House Kitchen, and we couldn’t be more excited. Get ready to change the way you think about food! At Tree House Kitchen, through our cooking events and partnerships, […]

Recipe: Kale and Apple Slaw

Can you tell we are excited about kale these days? We want you to be too! Today we’re talking purely as busy people who need (and love) to eat. We’re all busy, and the holidays can mean even tighter mealtimes. If you’re like us, you look for some great go-to recipes to make holiday planning and eating […]

Much Ado About Kale

We can almost hear the collective eyeroll that just happened when we mentioned kale, but hear us out! (You’ll be rewarded with a yummy recipe at the bottom too.) At THK we are chefs, home cooks, parents, and educators, so we get our insights about food and cooking from a lot of different people, and […]