Salsa System

Salsa is essentially just a mash up of your favourite vegetal/fruity and spicy flavours. Easy! Explore the market for fresh, interesting and inspiring produce. Make your own seasonal favourite salsas using your sense of taste to create nourishing snacks and sauces to brighten multitudes of meals!

Follow this creative salsa system (click here for the recipe) instead of relying on recipes. Think about fresh flavours, nourishing qualities, size of ingredients, and textural elements. Think explore instead of chore mindset when you are in the market/farm/backyard. Freedom to create within healthful eating parameters encourages positive eating experiences. Free yourself to experiment. Taste mistakes in the kitchen = future mastery of skills.


Have a listen to this short kitchen creations lesson with journalist/health promoter Karen Cumming. Our talk captures the essence of self-directed salsa making from a Tree House Kitchen system. Get your tasting spoons ready…kitchen jobs become more of a joy by exploring your own creativity,  growing your skills, nourishing with fresh colourful ingredients and connecting with local food markets!


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