Steamy warm seafood paella.

Labour of Love: We Made Paella From Scratch…and Here’s the Recipe!

We had a super soul-filling stock, soup and stew night at Tree House Kitchen where we taught students how to warm up on a winter’s night with globally based spice blends and techniques drawn from my training and travels.

Please look below for a free recipe created and quadruple tested for this class.*

*Update: We’re so proud of the work we’ve done in our hands-on teaching and dinner party classes. Working with you, our clients has played such an important part in the new direction of Tree House Kitchen as a food literacy company, specializing in problem-solving skills and resources for busy families, and community members – like you! We hope you enjoy reading about our past classes, and also where we’re headed moving forward. 

In this Tree House Kitchen dinner party cooking class, we also created Moroccan spice blends and a Moroccan stew called a tagine, Chinese Hot Pot Soup/Stew, Spanish gazpacho soup and traditional New Orleans gumbo featuring collard greens, traditional decadent dark brown roux (a cooked flour and oil recipe), and stewing techniques starting with smoked pork hock stock! Stocks, soups and stews warm up every winter season and are tasty all year.

During my apprenticeship as a cook in Toronto many years ago, I made paella for hundreds of people. Recently I travelled to Spain where I really got an understanding of this ultimate comfort-food, crowd-pleasing stew and how to make it THE BEST.

Paella mixta, pictured here, is an amazing, rice-based Spanish stick-to-your-ribs-stew made special with a spectacular Bomba variety short-grained rice, a concentrated homemade chicken stock or seafood stock and delicious fresh seafood and handmade chorizo sausages.

Give it a try! Get my free recipe!

Chef Nancy Henley free recipe

Of course it is better accompanied by a demonstration and a delicious dinner in the Tree House Kitchen but I have worked hard to give you as many tips as I can in this recipe.

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