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Beautiful and delicious homemade soup you can make.

January 2018

Much like the end of summer and the changes that come with fall, there is always a flurry of growth and renewal happening at Tree House Kitchen, and we couldn’t be more excited. Get ready to change the way you think about food!

At Tree House Kitchen, through our cooking events and partnerships, we have always nurtured and celebrated the connection between food, good health, community, family, and our sense of peace and well-being. Our greater purpose as chefs and teachers is clearer than ever: to take a fresh look at the important role food plays in our lives, and share our new work with you.

The evolution of Tree House Kitchen: We create and publish inspirational resources, develop recipes in our test kitchen, and implement new teaching mediums. It’s our vision to continuously meet the needs of our ever-growing audience and provide opportunities to share our work broadly.

The Tree House Kitchen sign in the entryway and a delicious soup made inside.

Some of the research and teaching forms we have or are exploring (See an idea you like? Let us know!):

Cooking blog | Cooking articles with how-to videos, downloadable recipes and chef-perspective storytelling.

Video teaching resources | Cook with Tree House Kitchen chefs from the comfort of your own home kitchen, anywhere and in any weather, in our fun and informative YouTube videos. Have a specific cooking question? Ask A Chef and we may use your question on camera!

The Tree House Kitchen Potager | Watch as we transform our no-mow yard into a tapestry of sustainably-grown heirloom vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, and herbs. Our eating gardens grow on the foundations of everything we learned while creating the certified Pollinator Paradise wildflower and prairie meadow garden at the previous Tree House Kitchen location.

Foodie social shares | Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (X) and see all the culinary action from the test kitchen come to life. Post your thoughts and questions in the comments, and share what you love.

IHH integrative wellness cooking coachingLearn how to nourish yourself as part of your holistically tailored program for hormonal balance and healthy weight management. In partnership with the Institute for Hormonal Health, Oakville, Nancy delivered integrative wellness cooking coaching and articles about eating thoughtfully for hormonal balance.

Hamilton Public Health food literacy advisory | On the city’s Food Advisory Committee, Chef Nancy Henley helped improve food literacy, food security, and food-delivery systems. Through the development of the Hamilton Food Strategy, positive changes will come to our community!

Creation involves change…

Just as we encourage you to explore and grow, we do too! Creating never stops at Tree House Kitchen as we find new ways to help you have your best food experiences. Let’s step forward together, into the ever-expanding, colourful and flavourful world of chef-inspired cooking and eating, with a curious mind and a steady chopping hand.

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