Happy New Year!

Chef Nancy Henley ice skating.

January 2015

Enjoy the season’s fun and stay fired up this year with nourishing family meals.

This year in Tree House Kitchen, you can enjoy these amazing cooking class experiences:

Nourishing Knife Skills

Chinese, Cajun, Moroccan and Spanish Global Soups and Stews
(Fine artist Eric Ranveau will be in attendance to gather impressions of the emotions of enjoying food and wine. His resultant paintings will be displayed at an upcoming exhibition at Tree House Kitchen on Sunday, September 20, 2015.)

Parent and Child Family Fun

A Celebration of Spring

Spa Cuisine

BBQ Bonanza

Several recipes are worked through as a class in a fun, relaxed manner. The delicious results are served family-style or plated in three to six (class-dependent) filling courses. View class details and dates (they sell out quickly!) and then register. See you at your favourite classes!

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