It Has Been Such a Fun and Rewarding Teaching Season at Tree House Kitchen!

July 2015

From Lily (guest child foodie of Tree House Kitchen Kids Cook Locally V1), Chef Nancy and Nancy’s kitchen team, at the close of our teaching season, we wish everyone a joyous summer of kitchen adventures exploring, growing, nourishing and connecting!

Countless meals and memories have been hand-created in Tree House Kitchen since October 2014. What a full and nourishing Fall/Winter/Spring teaching season we had.

In August, Tree House Kitchen will post a wide variety of classes with all-new menus and favourite world cuisine classics that will run from September 2015 to June 2016.

We are a small business with a lot of heart! During these past nine months

  • 21 cooking/teaching events reached several hundred people — young and old – all of whom received original Tree House Kitchen recipe systems.
  • 500 + tweets and dozens of Facebook posts with original Tree House food pictures and tips were shared.
  • Teaching videos were created, monthly blogs and quarterly newsletters were written sharing wide ranging nourishing topics to help you… mmmmm think like a chef!
  • 40 stellar, local, food-related businesses/not-for-profits/city services were recommended.
  • A dozen charities were supported.

We look forward to hearing about your summer food adventures! Connect with us at our open house featuring artist Eric Ranveau, a live classical quartet, and a tea tasting Sunday September 20 from 2 – 4 pm. Details about this special event and RSVP information will be shared soon.

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